Privacy Policy

Classic Conquer Privacy Policy

Personal Information

What is collected

Upon registration we collect your IP address and email.

Upon logging in, we store the IP address and account username used to log in with.

How it's used

Both the email address and IP address collected from registration is to help further secure your account. In the event you lose access, we will use these two pieces of information to help retrieve the account.

Non-Personal Information

What is collected

We collect a variety of non-personal diagnostic information such as browser version, page load times, page statistics, page exceptions, etc that is not linked to any account, devices, etc. This data is only viewable by the Classic Conquer staff and is not sold / given out to any other 3rd party company.

How it's used

We use this information to help identify problems with our infrastructure and improve our website to better serve you.

Other information

We do not store any information pertaining to credit cards, names, addresses, etc. Once an order is paid for (or declined), all the information is securely removed from memory and never stored anywhere else on our systems.