Pure Classic

This server was designed for a pure classic experience. Everything from the way spells are handled, to the damage, equipment, quests, etc. have been reverse engineered from publicly available binaries to fully emulate the classic experience (without any of the bugs!).

What makes our Server special?

  • No battle power, extra classes, spells, dragon souls, lottery, CPs, etc.
  • Exact damage calculations
  • Level 130 max, 2nd reborn, and +9 items max
  • Properly implement all spell sorts and algorithms (bomb, line, collide, fan, etc.)
  • Exact rates for items, drops, sockets, mining, etc.
  • Proper stacking using guards/ghosts
  • Monsters run and act like a TQ server.
  • Developed on .NET Core, runs on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Real-time statistics and information using Redis
  • Abundant server logs using ElasticSearch
  • Tested against 1.0 Binary to ensure everything matches exactly

What makes our Client special?

  • 1.0 Client with many modifications
  • Runs at any custom resolutions
  • Enables anti-aliasing and multisampling for higher quality
  • Health bars
  • Increased view/jump range
  • Unlocked FPS
  • Shift-click items to sell/deposit from inventory
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved exit dialog
  • Item quality visible on ground items
  • Names/avatars/guild/spells consistent when jumping/zooming in
  • Ground item name plates

Looking for a full list of features? Visit our wiki!

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